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Arnold Palmer taught himself to play golf — no private lessons, no country club teacher, no YouTube “how to” videos. Growing up the son of a groundskeeper at Latrobe Country Club in Pennsylvania, Palmer would sneak out onto the course whenever he could to take his whacks. My father was my swing coach,” Palmer told The Wall Street Journal. “I saw him at least once a year for about 70 years, and he never changed anything. He watched me for five minutes and went home. He put my hands on the golf club when I was 6 years old and said, 'Boy, don't you ever change that grip.' Well, I haven't changed it, and I'm 81 years old.
9 great stories about Arnold Palmer

Like Babe Ruth or Michael Jordan, Arnold Palmer is more than just a person’s identity; it’s legendary, iconic, King-like, approaching mythical proportions.